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Dead Pet Disposal Cost

From the beginning of our lives till the very end of it, the money always has its role. Even after our deaths, there is the requirement of money to perform the disposal services efficiently. To avoid disposal costs or for some other reasons, some people just throw their pets in the garbage after them being dead, but this is never the right way to dispose of your dead pet. Various dead pets' removal organizations are providing their services to perform it in a proper way charging different prices. The price ranges vary depending upon the type of dead pet removal service or the organization providing such services.

Some of the dead pet disposal services along with their price ranges can be defined as;

Dead animal removal services providers:

If you have a dead pet at your home, it will cost you about $150 to $250, to call the dead pet removal organizations and get your pet disposed of.


Burying the dead pet is the disposal service with the cheapest cost. It includes two categories;

Burring in the private property:

The cost of burying the pet in private property depends upon the owner of the pet. Generally, it may include the cost of the bag and the box to cover the body, and sometimes the cost to get the grave dug up.

Burring in the pet cemeteries:

Burying the dead pet in pet cemeteries may incur the cost of about $400 to $600 for a pet burial plot and a dug grave respectively. Some people also demand to bury their pets in a casket which requires an additional $50 to $500 depending upon the plastic or wooden caskets. These costs also may vary with the size of the animal.

Pet cremation:

The cost of pet cremation depends upon the size and the weight of the anima, the type of cremation you opt and the location where the pet cremation center is located.

Communal cremation:

Generally, it costs $30 for a small-sized animal's communal cremation.

Individual cremation:

$250 is charged for large-sized animals and $130 for small-sized individual communal. In this type of cremation, the ashes are returned to the owner of the animal.

Dead Pet stuffing:

The costs of pet taxidermy depend upon the type of taxidermy service availed and the size of the animal which is getting stuffed. Generally, it varies from $500-$700 for an average-sized animal.

Cats and dogs:

The cost to get your cat or dog stuffed varies from $850 to $2100.

Fox, Coyote, and Deer:

For animals like fox, coyote and deer the cost is $550, $750 and $450 respectively.

Dead Pet disposal for livestock:

It is one of the most costly methods to get your pet disposed of. It involves a long process, including the conversion of animals’ wastes into useful agricultural byproducts and feed for livestock. This cost consuming process may result in earnings in the future.

Selling dead bodies:

Many veterinary hospitals purchase the dead bodies of animals from their owners for research or study purposes. Many people give these bodies as donations but some people may also earn money by selling these dead bodies.


The cost ranges of different animals, depending upon different disposal methods varies. The disposal of dead animals may be very costly sometimes, but it may also be the source of earnings in some situations.

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