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What smells do rats dislike

Rats are expected to be present at almost all places in the world. These small creatures always give birth to big troubles such as by discharging their wastes at any place and making that place look like a complete mess, and by chewing your furniture or other objects that may cause damage to them and they also probably spread the various diseases by their presence and sometimes also through their feces. Around the globe, there is only five percent of the population that like rats or mice and keep them as pets with them but, the other ninety-five percent see them as annoying or irritating creatures, and there is a big reason lying behind this viewpoint of people regarding them.

Rats' sense of smell:

Rats possess a really strong smelling sense. Whether it is a pleasant odor or an unpleasant, rats can smell it from a big distance. When it is the sweet smell, rats get attracted to the place originating that smell and when it is some bad smell that they do not like they will stay away from the origin of that smell.

The odors' that rats do not like may include; the strong smells of several chemicals, for example, the odor of naphthalene and the smells of some organic or natural objects such as onions, peppermint, garlic, citronella and eucalyptus, and the odor of ammonia, moreover they hate the odor of their predators such as raccoons, cats, and dogs, etc.

Odor of several chemicals:

There are many chemicals that possess such smells that are not liked by the rats. Many of these chemicals are also used as the rats' repellents by many house owners in order to keep their places safe from the presence of rats. It was proved that the odor of naphthalene could be considered among the rats' most disliked odors.

Smells of natural products:

Rats hate the smells of rotten onions and garlic. These smells seem to be very irritating to rats and they can also easily get these smells even from the maximum distances. Having these two vegetables at your houses could help you in getting rid of the rats or mice.

The smell of peppermint oil which is extracted from the plant of peppermint is also regarded to be the most disliked smell for rats. Peppermint oil is being used at a large scale as the repellent for rats that turns to be very effective.

Odor of ammonia:

Ammonia has a very strong odor, and it is a very obvious fact that mice and rats get so annoyed by the strong smells and try to move away from them. So, ammonia could also be placed in the list of objects whose smells are disliked by the rats.

Final thoughts:

Smells like ammonia, onions, peppermint and the odor of their predators are disliked by rats. Rats are very sensitive in smell; they use their strong sense of smell not only for smelling different odors but also as a source of communication. They communicate with their fellow rats or mice or other rodents by the smell of each others' urine. Rats will try the least to stay away from the places that are producing the smells that rats' do not like.

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